Arizona Rent a Car

We own the world’s most demanded and special cars

Biggest luxury car fleet in Dubai

Arizona Rent a Car

We provide chauffeur with the rented car as per your choice for car type at 200 AED per day for the driver added to car price. The driver stays with you for 9 to 10 hours a day and if the driver exceeds the specified time, extra hours will be calculated as driver’s extra work, consumed oil and traffic Salik points calculated will be added to driver’s rent.

They are available 24/7 at all UAE airports

About Arizona

Arizona Rent a Car was established in 2005 and since then it has been characterized by providing high quality car rental service at the best prices. The company gained a good reputation through its commitment to accuracy in time and good treatment that helped maintain permanent relationships with the best customers. Our company is one of the best car rental companies in the UAE. It is fast and accurate in times. Although we are not the only ones in this field, we are the best in offering our services by providing a range of modern and luxurious cars to government institutions and large companies at competitive prices. We have specialized drivers in addition to cars for daily, monthly and annual rent.

Our Vision

Going beyond the concept of car rental to new horizons surpassing all.

We seek to become a distinctive brand in car rental field through our excellent service, and make every effort to reach customers’ trust and support. Our goal is to be adopted as the best car rental company in the world.

We also want to be the leading and trusted car rental company that meets the expectations of our customers and to share new standards of service in the UAE. We strive first to become the first choice of car rental in the world of luxury car brands, by renting them and providing the best associated services.

Our vision is also to provide the best services in an effective, innovative, creative, creative and competitive manner in local and regional markets by comprehending the customers’ needs, changing and adapting to market requirements and adopting practical and effective solutions on a continuous basis through dealing with individuals, companies and government sectors, that will assure us competitiveness and excellence.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the finest services to our clients who are individuals, private sector and government departments, which meet their needs and desires. This comes through the provision of a range of premium innovative services and a diverse fleet of vehicles in all categories. Adding to our relentless pursuit of customer convenience.

Providing the highest levels of quality, transparency and luxury through innovation and excellence in our works to achieve the ambition of our customers and the aspirations of all sectors that deal with us.

Ensuring that our customers enjoy unparalleled support and care. Our main goal is customer satisfaction. Besides, our firm loyalty to our customers is the basis of our success.

To gain companies and customers’ confidence when renting a car by fulfilling their wishes and completing their requests to the fullest and to ensure that the customer has completely received what he paid for.

Our Values

Honesty in dealing with customers.

Adherence to public regulations and traditions and not violating them.

Active contribution to serving and growing of society
A clear comprehend of customer needs, and dedication in customer service.

Proactive and ambitious:
We strive to exceed expectations and achieve the highest standards in everything we do.

Innovation and Realism:
Creativity is our business approach by setting specific and realistic goals and innovating new ways of improving service quality.

Focus and accountability:
We are clearly committed to our goals and to take responsibility for our actions.

Cooperation and Response:
We are united in our approach to action and accept new ideas and perspectives.

Team spirit:
(partnership and cooperation with every stakeholder both inside and outside the company).

(clarity of decisions and procedures for those inside and outside the company)

(protecting information and data of customers and official authorities)

(mutual respect, responsiveness, and efficiency)

For reservations and inquiries contact us via WhatsApp or call us at numbers below

+971 50 145 4888